Luke Dale Roberts

The Test Kitchen, which opened in November 2010, has the celebrated chef cooking at his most creative in a distinctive contemporary space.

British-born Luke trained in Switzerland and England before heading to Asia for a five year stint, launching several restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and the Philippines. “My time in Europe taught me to cook; my time in Asia broadened my horizons”, says Luke.

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The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen is the culmination of the efforts put in to re-imagine and acknowledge the dining experience that today’s restaurant guest is wanting.

A paired down yet undoubtedly luxurious fine-dining experience, going back to the origins of what delicious food is, as well as providing the opportunity for more people to try The Test Kitchen in its more manageable form.

“Cooking from the hip”, as espoused by a mentor, has always resonated with Luke and it is this somewhat ironic philosophy that underpins the new menu for him. Reduced courses yet the full Test Kitchen experience, less elaborate yet as luxurious as ever, shorter yet more impactful.

“The Test Kitchen was ready for a change, with people wanting to spend less time in the dining room, while still feeling comforted, pampered and well fed!”

The dishes will consist of seasonal produce, with a distinct focus on the use of small purveyors and suppliers who have enhanced The Test Kitchen experience since the beginning. Traditional English and French techniques will highlight each dish and allow patrons to savour the inherent qualities of each ingredient.